Who is ARA?

The Armourdale Renewal Association

is a 501 C(3) NBR organization since 1995. 

This means we are certified by the Kansas City, KS/ Wyandotte County Unified Government to be the community representative for the community of Armourdale. 

Our boundaries are: I-70 on the North; Metropolitan on the South; I-635 on the West & KS/MO State Line on the East.

Uniting industry, families, and community partners in the Armourdale for win-win  tangible projects is our only objective because we love tangible projects.   In 2017, we made history with a $50,000 ARA Community Give Back Project at Shawnee Park and we have just got started!   We look forward to meeting each of you and working together as a team to create a beautiful and pride filled community.   In 2018, we are looking for stronger community partners and corporate sponsors to enhance our programming tremendously.  Please visit our donor page and learn more to help out efforts to help the Armourdale Community. 

Armourdale Renewal Association

Uniting Industry & Family Since 1882

730 Osage Ave. Kansas City, KS 66105


Scope of Services

*Economic Development

*Community Development

*Crime Prevention Program

*Youth Programs

Summer Youth Program

*Senior & Healthy Living Services‚Äč

*Minor Home Repair

*Scholarship Program

*Citizen Code Enforcement

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